“Miracle” is the most comfortable dance shoe

       A Professional dancer’s feet get so tired during rehearsals and performances that they dream of another couple of ‘spare feet’. Hard ballet shoes do not help solving this problem. And when a ballet dancer puts her feet into a new, not yet worn in ballet shoes, it can be a torture! The feet often rub on all the new stiff parts, forcing ballet dancers to use additional accessories, such as silicone or foam pads, to minimize the chafing that may take place. The Miracle model makes the life of a ballet dancer easier and more pleasant!

       The analysis of the majority of the existing Pointe shoes has revealed that their main shortcoming is the rigidity of the toe ‘box’, which can increase pathological foot deformations. However, a simple reduction in rigidity will not provide enough support and grip around the metatarsal area, which could result in injuries when en Pointe. The only solution is to insert some additional components into the box: a soft supporter and an insole. These parts are made of polymeric material and meet many important requirements: no harmful and foot irritating ingredients, good porosity, elasticity, and moisture capacity. A layer of special soft material lining the shoe body and on the insole protects the feet from injuries and helps minimize the incidence of occupational foot diseases. It is also comfortable to wear, due to a more even distribution of load on the internal parts of feet and toes.

       The Miracle allows your feet to feel comfort and care. From now on, the ballet shoes not only look elegant and feminine from the outside, they really can make you feel secure and pampered. You must admit that delicate woman’s feet really deserve it!